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Buy Turnkey Properties in 2016's Hottest Market with the Highest Returns.

Mike is constantly flying across the country to review markets and properties.  We offer turnkey investment opportunities with our team specialists dedicated to making your purchase successful.  Our clients have piece of mind because we simplify the real estate investment process.  Many investors would rather spend their time on vacation, on hobbies or with their loved ones.  For the passive investor we bring you time tested,  proven properties making stable investments so you can focus on the things you enjoy.


While most companies will steer you to the city that their office is in,  Mike is constantly analyzing the country to capture the hottest markets.  Some people say real estate investing is an art but Mike makes it a science using his proven strategies that have worked through many markets, many economies and many cities.  Before a city and our properties are ever offered to our client base,  we have worked extensively in the market ourselves with our team to evaluate the market. This allows our investors to honestly and accurately know they are getting the best properties available.


Names Atlanta as "2016's Hottest Housing Market."



"Kansas City, Missouri Experiencing Explosive Growth in 2016!"


We offer EASY qualify financing at great rates!  





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"I bought my first property at the auction and it was a huge learning experience. I could have made some serious mistakes if I hadn't taken this course."

, Matt V., San Antonio

"Mike is the real deal. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to start investing in real estate. You will not go wrong."

, Cal Ewing, Calgary

Meet Mike

Mike Wolf is an international speaker, author and mentor. He has been investing in real estate for over 23 years and helps people realize their dreams of a lifestyle of freedom by teaching strategies to achieve passive income.

Mike believes that you should love what you do every day and enjoy life. He helps people build businesses that they want to have, along with lifestyles that they want to live.