Secure Future with real estate investingI enjoy teaching real estate investing and get such a good feeling when a family benefits from the information that I provide. My hope is that you will find this information helpful and you may be able to use some of this information to help you secure your family’s future by investing in real estate. If you are one of the people that answered ‘yes’ to the question, Is Your Future Secure, congratulations! A secure future means different things to different people, but in general, most people want to know that they can retire with enough money to live comfortably. Maybe even be able to travel a little bit, but most people just want to know that they can put their kids through university and then not have to worry about paying the bills. But what is security, really? Some of you have met or have dealt with my assistant, Debbie. She has a brother who thought his future was secure. When she told me his story, it broke my heart. Debbie’s brother worked at a pulp mill in Northern B.C. for 30 years. It was the only job he ever had and he enjoyed it. At 47, he was looking forward to retiring with a nice pension in the not-too-distant future. Life was good. Then the unthinkable happened: The mill was rocked with a huge explosion and was completely destroyed, along with the over two hundred jobs that it employed. This devastating event shook the whole community and they are still reeling from the loss. Although Debbie’s brother considers himself fortunate that he wasn’t at the mill during the explosion, he wonders how he is going to recover financially. At 47, he is facing retraining for a new career. Many families that worked with him are facing losing their homes because of the extended time off work. How prepared are you for the unthinkable? We all have negative life events that touch our lives at some point, such as a death, divorce, illness or job loss, but even if you think you are prepared, you sometimes never know until you have to go through a situation like that. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put some other strategies in place to ensure your financial future can provide everything you want and need? My hope is that you will be able to enjoy your future with as much freedom as you want, and if an emergency situation ever did happen that you have the financial backing to make sure that you can get back on track quickly. Getting started in real estate investing is a great way to spread out some of the risk of having only one income (or even two!). Building a real estate business can not only ensure your financial future is secure, but provide much more as well. Onne of my favorite strategies for investing is tax liens & deeds. This is a great way to get started and doesn’t require a lot of capital. Join me at my upcoming Tax Liens & Deeds Tour in Houston, Texas for a hands-on learning experience to learn how to implement this profitable strategy. Many of my students that have attended this course consider it to be a game-changer for them. Check out their testimonials and see what this training can do for you: Tax Tour Banner

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