real estate marketingThe world of real estate investing is continuously evolving. Rules, practices and strategies are changing at a faster pace than ever. What worked in the past, in many cases, may not be effective going forward. Although real estate is very cyclical, it can also be very unpredictable due to the ever changing nature of the world in which we live in. As a real estate investor for over 20 years I’ve seen many strategies, opportunities and people come and go. In the past few years there have been some major developments in the way real estate investing is done that will forever change the investment landscape. The good news is that for the savvy investor things are easier and more profitable than ever before. Many things that used to cost me a fortune are now free. For those who are unwilling to adapt or to re-educate themselves, their piece of the pie will dwindle. It’s not to say that people still investing using the old world strategies can’t make money however, they will be leaving dollars, and lots of them, on the table. Even though I am a teacher and mentor to numerous students I am still a student and always learning and expanding my horizons. I feel that this education has paid for itself many times over. When I talk about new world v.s. old world strategies nothing has had a more profound impact on real estate investing than the internet. I must admit that until recently I was very reluctant to turn my real estate business into an online one. I have vivid memories of reading George Orwell’s 1984 and thinking big brother is watching me. However, after taking numerous online marketing courses I feel that not only is big brother watching but so is the rest of the world. This means that my business is no longer dealing at the local level but instead on a global playing field. Using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email marketing has totally changed the scope and reach of my business. Whereas most of my clients were based only in my hometown of Calgary in the past, I now deal with clients in Europe, Australia, and Asia just to name a few places. This has lead to more opportunities, more lead generation and more revenue than I ever could have achieved using my old strategies. In addition to the advances in the internet, other technology has improved to the point where things that were impossible, or cost prohibitive a few years ago are now inexpensive or even free. A great example is that I recorded a video to send out to my email list while I was sitting in my hotel room in Nicaragua. I was there checking into some opportunities (which came from my online marketing, by the way) and decided I wanted to give some information to the people who subscribe to my informational website. I turned on my Mac, recorded a video, and within 20 minutes this video was out to the world. The bottom line is that our smartphones, tablets, and laptops have better technology than a high end video camera did just a few years ago. Even though I was in a “developing country” I was able to get my message to thousands of people who I thought could benefit from my findings. This would have been unheard of not that many years ago. The great news is that the cost of making and uploading the video cost me absolutely nothing. If I want to post to Facebook or any other social media sites the cost is also ZERO. In the “olden days” I spent tens of thousands of dollars on classified ads which sometimes would generate leads and sometimes they wouldn’t. Nowadays I can try putting ads on Craigslist or Kijiji and they are totally free. If an ad doesn’t work I can instantly change it and try to make the phone ring. Technology is just one of many things that have impacted the real estate industry. Embracing these technological changes will mean more revenue for you and your business. Take the time to learn and keep up with the evolution. There’s never been a better time to be a real estate investor.

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