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Hey, Mike Wolf from Mike Wolf Mastery is here again, coming to you from Bangkok, Thailand. Today I want to talk to you about finishing the year strong. I know some people who set these lofty goals last December saying, “Once it’s January 1, I’m going to do this or I’m giving this up.” However, we sometimes forget, change our mind, or talk ourselves out of it. I’m going to give you a really helpful hint that a lot of my most successful friends and myself like to do and that’s we don’t set timelines in the future. We basically get started immediately. We don’t say, “Hey, January 1 I’m going to do this.”

Too many things can happen between now and January 1, and before you talk yourself out of it, or feeling you are not worthy or good enough, get on it immediately and don’t give yourself any lag time because in that time that’s when we talk ourselves out of things. Otherwise, things will change in the week leading up to the New Year and January 1 we’ll procrastinate, put a later date to it. The next thing you know, next year’s going to look a lot like this year.

A perfect example is this video you’re watching now. Not that many years ago, I was terrified to make a video, and it would’ve been very easy for me to say, “I will start on January 1.” I guarantee you I would have talked myself out of it. January 1 would have come and gone, and I would have put another date to it, and it would have never happened. I just basically, shot my first video. A lot of my old videos are still out there in cyberspace, and I’m actually embarrassed about them, but I’m also very proud of them too because it got me where I am now. If I hadn’t done that first video, I would not be able to get in front of a camera today.

Sometimes you need to jump in full speed ahead, get things happening. If you start something right now, and you continue with it, by the time January 1 rolls around, you can build a lot of momentum around what you’re doing. You might even have yourself at a whole new level by the time January 1 comes around. Don’t waste these last few weeks of the year when you could be finishing the year super strong and just getting ready to crush it in 2019.

That’s my challenge to you. Pick something, and it may be that thing which has been stopping you from reaching another level in your business life, personal life, or even relationships. Something to add to your life or things that you need to stop doing for you to achieve your goals in life, and see what January 1 looks like next year as opposed to the January 1 of the previous years.
I hope you’ve found that helpful, and If you did, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Make sure you like this video and share with anybody who you think might need a little bit of a push to end the year. Comment below because I answer every question. Once again, have a remarkable holiday season, best of the end of this year and an amazing 2019.




  • Finish The Year Strong | Motivational Video
  • Finish The Year Strong | Motivational Video
  • Finish The Year Strong | Motivational Video

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