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Hey, everyone! Mike Wolf of MikeWolfMastery is here, and am reaching you from a beautiful sunset here on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Tonight is absolutely gorgeous! Chances are, if you ’re tuning in though, you do n ot tune in to see the sunset.

You tuned in to hear my predictions for real estate for 2018. And so, 2018, even though we ’re very early in the year, I see some vast differences from 2017 already. And by what we ’re seeing in the United States, at least my favorite market, in Atlanta, we’re seeing a housing shortage happening. And that’s largely because the banks used to have a ton of shadow inventory, and a bunch of foreclosures for sale, and for those of you who don ’t know, I sell turnkey properties in Atlanta. We buy properties in bulk from the banks, often 20 to 30 at a time. We take the good ones and fix them up, put tenants in place and got my property management team to look after them when we sell them to investors all over the planet. We ’re having a harder time getting this inventory because the banks are running low. We used to cherry pick. We picked the properties we wanted, but now it ’s tougher to get these properties, and so, if we’re having a hard time getting properties, I know smaller investors are definitely feeling the pinch. And we’re already seeing the prices started to go up steadily. We haven’t seen the big boom yet, but that I’m sure is coming because you have a shortage of properties and demand for them, and that obviously will put upward pressure on the market. So, that ’s what we’re seeing in Atlanta, and I ’ve also heard it is happening in some other markets as well. And so, if you’re thinking of getting in, now would be a great time! Probably, I don’t know how much longer we have for these markets. If you are one of my Canadian investors, it’s a different story. We’re seeing corrections downwards, and that ’s largely because, 1, the government is jumping in and trying to slow down some of the red-hot economies and some of the red-hot real estate markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver. They ’ve already caused the prices to drop substantially, and I suspect we ’re going to see a continuation of that. Also in Alberta, with the oil still being in a slump, we’re seeing that prices haven’t really dropped as much as they should. But I think we’re going to see a bigger correction; there are still a lot of layoffs going on. Anyway, as an investor, that ’s a little cash flow anyway. So, it doesn’t make sense to invest there. So, that’s whats going on. If you think you want to jump into the market , the US markets, and you don’t know where to start, feel free to email me;, I’d be happy to help you. Like I’ve said, we sell turnkey properties. So, you don’t need to be an expert in real estate, because my teams and I would do it for you and help you invest safely and create great returns. If you enjoy this video and you found it informative, please subscribe to my youtube channel and also share it with your friends and be sure to like it. Hope to see you all soon. Take care and have a great day!




  • Is The Housing Market Going To Crash Again
  • Is The Housing Market Going To Crash Again

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