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Hey everyone! Mike Wolf here. Thank you for tuning in. Happy New Year! Greetings coming to you from Tokyo, Japan and if you found this video, chances are you are looking to find out about what’s going to happen in real estate in 2018.

And here you came to the right place, I’ve been investing in real estate for close to thirty years now in several different countries and a whole bunch of different markets. And I’ve seen a lot of cycles and here’s what I see if your in The United States right now, there is, ahhh… we’re heading into a housing shortage, where there is not enough inventory. Ahh… Investors especially have been used to seeing a lot of foreclosures, those are starting to get more and more difficult to find, ahh… banks are running out of inventory. And a place like Atlanta, where I saw a lot of turnkey properties, to Investors around the planet, ahhh… we’re even, ummm… we’re the biggest owners of real estate in some of the zip codes that we worked in.And we’re having trouble getting inventory from the banks now. So, what that mean is, less inventory means more demand, means that the prices are gonna go up. Ahhh… in addition, the good news is that, ummm… I’m not particularly a fan of Donald Trump, but I would say that he is very self serving and himself being a real estate investor, he passed some new tax laws that are very favourable to us real estate investors. So, ahhh… as much a I normally… anyway I’m not getting into politics. But in any case… it’s a good year, in terms of tax incentives, as well as tax breaks for real estate investors. So, if you’re thinking of jumping in, now would be an awesome time to do it. If you are on the other side of the border, if you’re up in Canada, unfortunately, I don’t see a rosier picture. Canada the prices have been ridiculous. And a lot of the biggest markets, Toronto, Vancouver, we’ve already seen corrections. We’re gonna continue to see corrections and, you know,

As interest rates go up, real estate is gonna be more and more unaffordable in Canada and… and I think that we’re gonna see more correction downwards. Most likely what we’re gonna see is prices meeting somewhere in the middle, Canada and the USA, having somewhere a role stay… prices in the not so distant future. So that’s what I see if you’re on the sidelines and have been investing in real estate, now would be a really good time to get in. We’re gonna see a lot of appreciation kicking in a bunch of different markets, including Atlanta. And that’s where we get wealthy from real estate is having the homes we buy go up and as we add more and more inventory to our portfolio and eventually have enough cash flow that we can quit our jobs and do the things we love to do. And I’m really a big fan of teaching people how to do that and helping them do it. So, in any case, if there is something I can help you with, you want to get investing. As I’ve mentioned, turnkey properties can definitely do that. Be very careful where you buy – if you buy into the right markets! There is a great saying in real estate; “don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.” Now is a good time to get in. I don’t think the wait is gonna be as long as it normally is, with what is going on in the US right now, with the housing shortage. And I think you will see some amazing gains. If you have found this video helpful, please subscribe and share it with your friends. If you subscribe you’ll be getting all my latest and greatest videos. I’ve planned on creating a lot of new content in 2018 and beyond. So, once again, thank you for tuning in. I’m Mike Wolf and will see you soon, take care.


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